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Orphan Black - World of May

Apr. 22nd, 2014

01:06 pm - Orphan Black

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HI LJ! I am slowly emerging from the three five horrid stressful months at work. But OMG IS THAT LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNELL?

Things are good. I am lifting weights and walking and trying to loose some weight. Which is mostly boring. And other then that, nothing really much.

What I really wanted to poke my head out of the darkness to say is this. ORPHAN BLACK. I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to see it as it aired because we don't actually get BBCA on our cable subscription, and for a while OnDemand was blocking my requests to watch the shows. For whatever reason, that has been lifted and I can now watch the episodes shortly after they air. WHICH IS AWESOME. Hopefully that block won't come back till the end of the season, because I love this show. I love everything about this show. I love the plot and the characters and all the story elements. I love watching Tatiana Maslany work her acting magic. I love the costuming and make-up choices. Just, everything about this show is so good. I've seen some people complain that it was relatively slow, but so was the pilot. I have told people that if they give it about 5 or 6 episodes they will be sucked into the show, because it does start slow. But it's worth it. I think this may be the same thing, slow starting season that just crescendos into amazingness. I predict it now.