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To introduce the Bricksy cat - World of May

Jul. 8th, 2013

05:56 pm - To introduce the Bricksy cat

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So here is the newest addition. So far the introductions are going ok. There's been some hissing and growling, mostly on Livie's end of things. If there's one thing you should know about Brick, it's that he's extremely laid back. See this pose? That's him in a nutshell.


He's about two years old and was only neutered about a month and a half ago, so he's got the male cat face. And it's weird because he's definitely a house/person cat, and yet someone put up with a stinky un-neutered male in their house for at least a year and a half. My suspicion is he's a horder rescue.

He's very curious, as you can see. Though Livie objects to him perusing her things.

Curious cat

He's also extremely handsome.

Handsom posers

(Did you notice I managed to sneak in two photos of the Livie cat? Cause she's still the cutest.)

He sort of waddles down the stairs. I think he might have some back leg issues as he's not much of a jumper. He'll climb up on things if he can, and I have seen him jump up on things, but it's fairly rare.

So yes, that's the Bricksy cat. Also known as Brick-a-Brac.