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I have been sucked into the Dollhouse. The show is seriously so much better then I originally gave it credit for. On one hand, yes it is disturbing that you are essentially watching the rape of various people on their assignments. And there is one criticism that I agree with, which is that a viewer can only take so much of watching a person be disempowered before turning off the TV. Except the show realizes that, and it moves the plot to freedom along very quickly. I'm not quite halfway finished with season two, and I just love everything about it.
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Orphan Black

HI LJ! I am slowly emerging from the three five horrid stressful months at work. But OMG IS THAT LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNELL?

Things are good. I am lifting weights and walking and trying to loose some weight. Which is mostly boring. And other then that, nothing really much.

What I really wanted to poke my head out of the darkness to say is this. ORPHAN BLACK. I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to see it as it aired because we don't actually get BBCA on our cable subscription, and for a while OnDemand was blocking my requests to watch the shows. For whatever reason, that has been lifted and I can now watch the episodes shortly after they air. WHICH IS AWESOME. Hopefully that block won't come back till the end of the season, because I love this show. I love everything about this show. I love the plot and the characters and all the story elements. I love watching Tatiana Maslany work her acting magic. I love the costuming and make-up choices. Just, everything about this show is so good. I've seen some people complain that it was relatively slow, but so was the pilot. I have told people that if they give it about 5 or 6 episodes they will be sucked into the show, because it does start slow. But it's worth it. I think this may be the same thing, slow starting season that just crescendos into amazingness. I predict it now.
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Winter's Tale

I saw Winter's Tale yesterday, and the more I've been thinking about it the more it bothers me. I have not read the book, so I have no idea if these issues are better handled in the book, and unfortunately I think the movie may have soured me on trying it. If you've read the book, and can assure me these aren't issues, please let me know, because I loved the idea of the movie.Collapse )
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Does Justified feel off to anyone else this season? Something about it feels wrong and I can't quite put my finger on why. I rewatched previous seasons in the past two months, so you'd think I'd have a better handle on it but the most I can say is that it feels like bad fanfic. It's almost the same characters, but they're all off in ways that don't quite fit them. Boyd is the one I noticed first, and the most egregious example.

I wonder if the writing staff changed. Or the leadership of the show. And I'd be willing to accept the changes if I felt they were for the better, but I'm not sure that they are.

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Still alive. Still stressed and busy. However, I thought I'd announce that I need to turn in any claim I have to tea snobbery. Because I have realized that when I just want something hot and comforting I want Lipton tea. I know, I know. But it reminds me of my grandpa and breakfast mornings on the ranch. So um... bye tea snob card. I'm not really going to miss you while I enjoy my cup of Lipton tea.

Also, are any of you all on Goodreads (and I'm not already friends with you)? I've been updating stuff there far more frequently, plus BOOKS. I am it's under my real name, so this is getting flocked.
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Orange is the New Black, The Fosters, and Pacific Rim

You guys, somehow in the dead time that is summer TV (mostly it's time from mid-June to mid-July) I have found two shows that are fantastic.

Orange is the New Black is... I can't tell you all how good it is. I was skeptical at first, because it didn't really sound like something I'd want to watch. A privileged white girl goes to prison for something she did 10 years ago and this is her story? BORING. And also depressing, because prison. But it's not. First of all, the show never denies Piper's privilege, secondly the show tells the stories about ALL of those women. And they're individuals, even the ones you might think at first are stereotypes turn out to have depth and are much more than the stereotypes. As for the depressing angle, it's not. I mean there are story lines where I just bawled, because the tragedy is so real and so sad, but there are also moments that are hilarious. It's also not a hopeless show, because the show is mostly about how we as humans affect each other, good and bad. So I love it and totally recommend it.

The Fosters is just a really sweet show on ABC Family about a couple raising their kids. Their kids are one biological kid, a set of twins they've adopted and a brother sister pair they're fostering. Oh and the parents are two women. It's complete brain candy and hits the same sweet spot that Bunheads did last summer. (Is that coming back? I miss it.)

As for Pacific Rim. What can I say about it that hasn't already been said. I really loved it. LOVED IT. I grinned the whole movie and it just made me feel like I was a kid again. I fully bought the premise and I adored it. My one minor quibble is covered much better by Carrie Vaughn in her review of the movie here.
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So after much protestation that she didn't want another cat, we are now a two cat household again. The roommate came home with a cat on Friday. Adjustments are going about as well as can be expected, which is to say slowly. Right now he's shut behind the doors in the basement and Livie HOWLS in protest should I go in there, though she's getting better. She's not fond of the smell and has smacked both the roommate's and my hand after we've been petting the new guy. It will get better, it's getting better already I can tell. Before they meet face to face I'll be rubbing him down with a tee-shirt of mine that I've worn and smells like me. And we're thinking of switching them around for a bit so that she's in the basement and he has the house.

Anyway. Currently he's sitting with the adoption agency name which is Brick. I'm calling him Brick-a-Brak. Because reasons. But he looks like an anime cat, so Roommate is trying to think of an appropriate anime name.
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Bronze Gods by A.A. Aguire

I’ve just started reading Bronze Gods by A.A. Aguire, a husband/wife writer combo. And I have to say, I very nearly rage quit the novel about 2% of the way in (probably around page two- how does one navigate this in an e-book world?). See, we’re being introduced to the characters, two main characters one male and one female. We’re on the male POV and he’s describing his female partner. She has (paraphrased) short, straight, dark hair with a part that could be made by a slide ruler and she wears only a little pink gloss as protection from the elements. This is an excellent description. From this you get that this character is no-nonsense and meticulous. GREAT. And then the next line says something like, she found (face) paint to be a waste of time. And that’s the moment I very nearly rage quit. For a couple of reasons.

The first reason this bothered me is that it’s contradictory. This is OBVIOUSLY a woman who takes care in her appearance. You can’t have a short bob with such perfect lines unless you DO take the time to care for your appearance. So don’t say that this is a character who is cares little for their appearance, as is implied by the idea that she finds makeup a waste of time.

The second is linked to the first. This whole idea that a woman finds makeup a waste of time implies that women who do take the time to use make up are frivolous and silly. It also enforces this idea that really beautiful women don’t need makeup, they’re beautiful without it. And it pits women against each other, the ones who use makeup and the ones who don’t. Thanks but I’ll pass.

And the third reason this bothered me is that it makes this character a woman first and a person second. She is now defined by how she is different from other women and not by her own personality traits. Any time a woman is described by how she is different from other woman she is thrown in sharp relief against a backdrop of other women and not as an individual person but as one among many.

Basically this line, this one line, pinged SO HARD on my sexism meter that I had a hard time getting past it to keep on with the book. I have no doubt that it’s going to color my final opinion of the book as well. Unfortunately I did buy the book, and it’s sitting on my kindle and I have a strong dislike of not finishing books I’ve paid money for, so I’ll finish it. Sadly I’m not looking forward to it and it feels like walking through a minefield.