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World of May

Dec. 17th, 2012

06:31 pm

I'm thiiiiis close to flipping my shit on facebook, because I swear if i see another post about how guns don't kill people or the mentally disturbed will find a way to kill with or without guns I'm going to loose it or something of that ilk. This isn't even a big red button issue for me. For the most part I don't give a shit about whether or not people own guns. I tend to think that maybe they should be better regulated, but I'm hardly adamant about it. But my god, from the posts on my friends list you'd think people were one step away from walking into these people's houses and prying the guns from their hands. It's a deflection from the issue and it's driving me insane. For fuck's sake people, no one wants to take away your guns, they want to regulate gun ownership. A gun is a dangerous tool for crying out loud what's so wrong with requiring a license to own one, a license you have to renew every five years or so. Because if you can't see that this country has a fucking problem with guns then you've got your head in the sand and are ignoring very real statistics.

Nov. 21st, 2012

05:33 pm

In a discussion online about The Hunger Games a friend posted to this link, which points out that Peeta is a feminized male and claims that fact is a problem in the story. I’m not touching how insulting it is that that writer separates character traits into female and male roles, and then paints the female traits as negative ones. Oh wait, I just did. There is a problem with Peeta, but it’s not that his strengths are the more traditionally female ones.

To counter, I want to look at Brave. Brave was a movie I was worried about because I thought it was going to be a tomboy princess movie, where the heroine completely rejects any traditional feminine traits and is idolized for that. However, it wasn’t that movie at all. Instead Brave is a movie where the heroine has to learn to value those traditional female traits, without having to embody them. In other words, the movie is about a girl and her mother, their two ways of being female and it then points out that both of those ways are valid. The movie is all kinds of awesome for this.

One of the things I’ve seen a lot of people castigate Peeta for is that he hides from the more powerful tributes after his injury. Rather than fight back he slips down into the mud and waits to die, though people take to be waiting to be rescued a very traditional female role in stories. But we need to remember that when Peeta hid the games master hadn’t announced that two tributes could live if they came from the same district, therefore I’d argue that Peeta was waiting his death not rescue. Peeta says earlier in the book/movie that he doesn’t want to lose himself in the arena. He also acknowledges that his only real chance at survival is to outlast all of the other tributes. So when he is fatally injured he decides to hide, denying the Capitol a chance to revel in his death the way they do the deaths of all the other tributes. It’s a quiet fuck you to the people who have killed him. This quiet act of defiance, choosing the way that he dies, is not negated by the fact that he is rescued.

This kind of quiet defiance, patience over action, is traditionally given to females in stories particularly if that defiance happens mostly off screen as it does in The Hunger Games. That our society finds that type of patience to be a weakness is problematic. It is not an active form of defiance, but I wouldn’t say that it’s weak either. Peeta is not weak for hiding and not taking direct action. He is displaying a different type of strength, much like Eleanor in Brave. And like Merida, we need to learn to appreciate that type of strength.

However his hiding does highlight the main problem with Peeta, in that he is a passive not an active character. This is a completely separate issue. It has nothing to do with strength or weakness, or even female characters and male characters. The Hunger Game’s is not Peeta’s story, it is Katniss’s and thus the actor of the story is always going to be Katniss*. However if you wish to argue that you don’t like Peeta because he is a passive character, then those are the terms you should use, not that he is weak because he is a feminized male. It is insulting to equate passivity with femaleness. To say that passivity is a female trait in stories is to say that females belong in passive roles. Thanks but no thanks and fuck you.

* At least in the first book, my issues with the last book revolve around this issue.

Nov. 19th, 2012

12:42 am

So apparently I'm an insomniac now? This is week two of not being able to go to sleep before midnight. In the news of not fun, this is the top story. Not to mention unhealthy. I can feel the stress kicking in and jump starting the anxiety issues. And it's not really like I have trouble actually falling asleep once I'm actually in bed, it's that the desire for bed is completely gone. I don't want to sleep, I don't want to turn my brain off.

And I'm sort of wondering if it has anything to do with the rather vivid and terrifying dream I had a week or so ago where I, my spirit, my soul what have you was stuck in my dead body and I couldn't get out. I thought you weren't supposed to be able to die in dreams.

Mainly though I suspect the cause is stress.

Nov. 7th, 2012

09:55 am

I need to post here about how HAPPY I am about the election. Not just that Obama was voted back into office, but that Proposition 6 passed in Maryland legalizing gay marriage. That is so awesome you guys. SO AWESOME.

I am a little less happy about proposition 7 passing, which legalizes gambling, but ok.

I turned on the TV at about 8:30 last night and Romney was leading in the polls, so I put the TV on mute and read for a while and when I looked up at last they were calling the election for Obama. It was an awesome way to not be stressed for an election night.

Now to convince my cousin that she and her girlfriend should come out and visit...

Oct. 29th, 2012

11:07 pm

My roommate doesn't like storms, they make her nervous. I've been mildly amused all day as she will randomly decide she's had enough of the storm and come camp out in my room. We both stayed home today, mostly because the whole of DC is shut down. So far I don't think it's been that bad out here. A bit windy, and quite a bit of rain, but nothing we haven't weathered before. Though that's just here in our area.

The cats have been handeling the storm really well, which is a little surprising. I thought Livie would freak out, but she seems to be ok. Possibly because I've been home all day, so she has that comfort when she needs it. I'm not sure you could ever really phase Genghis, all he needs is food.

Speaking of food, if you ever want to treat yourself, braise some meat (I did a beef brisket, but I imagine any braising type meat would be good) with some hard cider. Seriously, it was AMAZING. Carmalized onions, beef, carrots, hard cider, lots of thyme, and a little beef broth for a couple of hours on a low temp in the oven and it was heaven. A little sweet, a little tang. We're going to try it next with a pork shoulder.

Aug. 5th, 2012

11:10 am - One more day

I can survive one more day. I know I can. I woke up this morning feeling GREAT. I was going to go places and do things. I felt AWESOME. So I took one of the anti-biotics and a half hour later I was doubled over and throwing up. I'm just starting to recover a little bit now. That's not cool. A whole two hours of recovery time for taking something that is supposed to help me.

I keep telling myself that this is a cure. But it doesn't stop the feeling that my body is being fire bombed from space.

Still tomorrow is the last day I take these. I can survive that.

Aug. 2nd, 2012

08:02 am - Is this trigggery? I think it might be for eating disorders, I'll warn and cut just in case

For the record, I do not have an eating disorder. However, medicine related food issues behind cutCollapse )

Jul. 20th, 2012

10:23 am

Dear Drop Dead Diva,

You need to stop pushing Jane/Grayson at the expense of your other characters.

A fan who is this close to giving up on your show. No seriously, an awesome protagonist like Jane isn't enough to keep me watching if you have inconsistent characterization for your other characters. I'll watch next week, but um... if this doesn't resolve itself in a way that fixes this little character assassination, then I'm done.

Jul. 10th, 2012

03:12 pm - SMILE TIME

Because it is awesome and I can't stop smiling when I watch it.

Cookie monster covers Call me MaybeCollapse )

Jul. 2nd, 2012

04:58 pm

I attempted Dilly Beans today. My parents are away in Montana for a while and my father's garden is producing lots of things and it would be a shame for all those green beans to go to waste. I am currently in the "OH GOD WHAT IF THEY DON'T SEAL" part of the canning process. This is not my most favorite phase. It's the part where I worry that I over packed the pickles, or I didn't put in enough liquid, or the jars are defective. FUN TIMES.

So that massive storm that blew through here on Friday night was really awesome. And I mean that in the awe-inducing sense and not the hip/cool sense. There were brief moments where the world was sunlight bright because of the lightning. And the thunder was constantly going, rumbleRUMBLErumbleRUMBLERUMBLErumblerumble. It was very humbling. The storm was also extremely destructive. My parents lost power at thier house, which meant I spent a good portion of the weekend worried about thier cat, but when I went over this morning to check on her thier power was back on and she was quite fine if a little lonely. My house didn't loose power though, so we were a spot of refuge for a few friends as the temps on Sunday climbed higher and higher.

I'm going to go poke my beans now.

Jun. 29th, 2012

01:59 pm - Moonrise Kingdom

Moonrise Kingdom-sweet and funny without ever going over the edge into sentimentality. It has the edge of nostalgia and I just really loved it. Easily in the top ten movies for me this year. I'd go so far as to say top five, but we're only halfway through the year.

Jun. 23rd, 2012

07:46 am - Brave

Yet another movie that I can't be coherent about yet. Though I think at least for this one it's coming. Suffice to say, it far exceeded my, rather low I admit, expectations and is just this awesome movie about mothers and daughters. I bawled like a baby.

Jun. 22nd, 2012

12:58 pm - Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

Umm... I think I liked it. There were certainly some genuinely funny moments in the movie, and generally I think it was a pretty good movie. spoilers I guessCollapse ) Meh, it was funny and had real honest moments that were happy and bittersweet at the same time, but I don't think it'll top my movie favs list for this year. I thought it might in the beginning when it was more black comedy then romantic comedy, but then it shifted and eh.

Jun. 15th, 2012

09:42 pm - Untittled

I did it. I can't believe how fast I've fallen for this show, fanishly. I haven't been this actively fanish about a show in a long time. I blame werewolves, it's a thing.

Tittle: Untittled
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Rating: Teen
Summary: Lydia Martin didn't think anything could be worse than having the entire school body stare at you as though you were crazy after your two day run naked through the woods.

Fic belowCollapse )

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Jun. 14th, 2012

03:20 pm

Dear fandom,

Mystic Falls (The Vampire Diaries) is in Virginia. Beacon Hills (Teen Wolf) is in California. Yes, I think it fic could be fun if you could get the mythologies to mesh, however they aren't going to be playing each other in lacross.



In other news, I've dived headfirst into Teen Wolf fanfic and quickly jumped right back out. Most of it is dominated by Derek/Stiles, and that's a pairing I really, really don't see. If I were interested in slash at all it'd be Scott/Stiles or possibly Danny/Stiles. However, what I really want is some good fic that focuses on the ladies. Allison is awesome and Lydia is honestly my favorite. And then I found one, so wise, so young, they say do never live long . . . It's short, but it punches hard in the right places.

Still, it's not enough. I wonder if I can dig my muse out of wherever she's decided to hide?

Jun. 7th, 2012

03:50 am

So um, I may have just stayed up till 4AM to watch every episode of Teen Wolf out so far. I'm a little hooked. I didn't originally check it out because I thought it'd be a silly cheese fest for MTV, but well I was bored this afternoon and most shows are on hiatus or not yet started the summer season so I decided to watch the first episode (I'll tolerate a lot of cheese for werewolves) and then twelve hours later, here I am TOTALLY HOOKED. I kind of love it a lot. And it's actually good. Like really good. I really hope season two keeps it up. Also, TIGH!

Jun. 4th, 2012

06:40 pm - Stuff of Media Nonsense

Game of ThronesCollapse )

Mad MenCollapse )

Snow White and the HuntsmanCollapse )

May. 25th, 2012

05:43 pm

So this post from Hello Tailor is spoilery for the whole season of Revenge including the season finale, but it encapsulates why the show is so awesome. Seriously.

02:13 pm

Today I atempted fruit leather. Last Saturday the roommate and I picked 9 1/2 lbs of strawberries and after making jam there were still SO MANY LEFT OVER. And they were starting to go a little over ripe, so fruit leather. Except you know what is NOT a good substitution for plastic wrap in this case? Wax paper. The first batch turned out AWFUL. It soaked into the paper and became an amaglamous mass of ick. SO SAD. Anyway am trying it out again with the last of the strawberries, this time with plastic wrap. I didn't before because our plastic wrap isn't wide enough to cover the pans completely in one go and I wasn't sure if overlapping it would create a place for the juice to leak onto the pan and not get all yummy.

It's wrong I'm contemplating going back again tomrrow to pick more right? I could freeze them, or something. I'm ignoring how little room we have in our freezer.

May. 11th, 2012

12:19 pm

Ugh. I went to see Dark Shadows this morning. Because I have a fondness for Tim Burton. It was so bad and offensive that that fondness is turning into disgust. It was terrible and offensive and not at all thought out and the messages in it were so, so, SO BAD. UGH!

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